Physiotherapy at Beversbrook Medical Centre

Physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of a wide range of physical problems through hands on treatment, electrotherapy and exercise. So if you have had a sporting injury, a stroke or just developed back pain, your therapist will do a thorough assessment, give you the appropriate treatment and advice, and teach you exercises to begin your rehabilitation. Assessment, diagnosis, advice and management options for your complaint are discussed with your therapist.  Treatments can include soft tissue and joint mobilisation; ultrasound therapy, interferential therapy; acupuncture and exercises.

How to Arrange your Appointment

Private physiotherapy is available at Beversbrook Medical Centre.  Clinics are held by Jane Buckland, Chartered Physiotherapist, who should be contacted directly to arrange an appointment.  Clinics are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and home visits are available.  Please note that this is not an NHS service and a fee will be charged. 

Initial Consultation £45.00

Follow-up Treatments £35.00


To arrange your consultation and to discuss your physiotherapy needs please e-mail  Jane Buckland or call her on 07964 348100

Jane Buckland

Jane is a Chartered Physiotherapist living in Calne. She studied at the Dublin School of Physiotherapy, Trinity College Dublin graduating with an honours degree in 1987. Since then Jane has worked at University hospitals in Edinburgh, Boston USA, Oxford, Cambridge and London. She did a Diploma in Academic and Practical Physiotherapy for Sports at the University of London in 1997.

Jane and her family moved to Calne in 1998 and she worked in Chippenham physiotherapy outpatient department for 10 years. She progressed to an Extended Scope Physiotherapists in Orthopaedics in 2008 and works part time based at Melksham Community Hospital. She set up her private practice in 2005.

Outside work Jane enjoys a busy family life and is keen on sport particularly tennis and squash.

More Information

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