Looking After our Young Patients

We have a range of services for children and young adults to help deal with all aspects of child health from vaccinations through to mental health:

YPF Accreditation

Beversbrook Medical Centre are committed to

providing excellent quality health services in a way that our young patients appreciate - one way to recognise this is through the Practice achieving Young People Friendly Accreditation.


Young People Friendly Accredited services have proven they are in tune with young people aged 11 to 18 years through achieving certain standards to meet young people’s needs. There are up to 7 themes in the young people friendly tool kit that services have to evidence they meet.


BMC is proud to announce that on the 15th March 2017 the Practice was awarded Young People Friendly accreditation as recognition that we are making every effort to ensure young people recieve an accessible and supportive service.  The Child Health Improvement Group who recommended us for acreditation have made some suggestions on how we can further improve our service and we would also welcome any feedback from young people themselves.  We really value your opinions to help us to ensure we are tailoring our services to suit you.  Please e-mail your suggestions to beversbrook@nhs.net

No Worries!

Beversbrook Medical Centre is a No Worries Practice, providing a confidential sexual health service for all young people (including those who are not registered patients) aged between 13-24 years of age.  More information about the No Worries Service can be found here.  To make a No Worries appointment please call 01249 821831 and speak to our helpful Reception team in confidence.


Wiltshire No Worries team also have a Facebook page which provides lots of information about events and sexual health news from the Wiltshire area. 

We offer everyone, including those under 16, a free and confidential sexual health service.  We would only share your information with other professionals to protect you or others from serious harm.  We would always try to discuss this with you first.


If you have any questions about confidentiality please feel free to speak to the clinic nurse or doctor


You may also find this link very useful - http://www.fpa.org.uk/resources/leaflet-and-booklet-downloads


Promoting Positive Mental Health

Here at Beversbrook Medical Centre we recognise the importance of helping young people to promote positive attitudes to mental health and an understanding of what help is out there in the community and online for when they need it.  There are a range of services across Wiltshire to help young people maintain good mental health.  Everyone feels low from time to time and teenagers and young adults deal with challenging emotions as a part of normal development into maturity.  Encouraging self-care and a healthy outlook on mental health from an early age helps our young patients cope with life's ups and downs.

There are several websites who can help young people and their families to help promote good mental health




Information and signposting

to organisations that listen,

plus online support.


NHS Choices


An information hub of

advice and links.


The Mix


Essential support for under





0800 1111

You can find out about

anything – no problem is

too big or too small.




Real time help with friendly,

qualified counsellors.


Epic Friends


Helping you help your friends

who might be struggling to

cope emotionally.


Doc Ready


Helping you get ready

for the first time you visit

a doctor to discuss your

mental health.


Rise Above


Interesting and useful stuff

to help you to address

anything that life throws

at you.


Stonewall Youth


Supporting young lesbian,

gay, bi and trans people.




Support with gender identity



Winston’s Wish


08452 03 04 05

Talk and ask questions

about bereavement.


OCD Youth


Things you need to know

about Obsessive Compulsive

Disorder (OCD).




0800 068 41 41

For those with suicidal



Revenge Porn



0845 6000 459

Confidential help for victims

who have intimate images

of them shared and posted

online without their consent.




0345 634 7650

Support for anyone affected

by eating disorders or

difficulties with food, weight

and body shape.




08457 90 90 90

Talk about anything

that’s troubling you.


Oxford Health NHS

Foundation Trust


Information about Child

and Adolescent Mental

Health Services (CAMHS)

in Wiltshire.

These websites can give you information about common mental

health problems, how to cope with your feelings and where to get support...