Patients over 60

We recognise that our patients who are over 60 years old may need a little bit of extra healthcare to help keep them fit and healthy.  We have a range of services for our patients who are aged 60 years old and over:

Over 60s Clinics

Most of our patients aged 60 and over are healthy and we want to support you to stay that way.  In order to provide early intervention for any future health risks or to discuss anything that may be bothering you we offer longer appointments with our GPs and Nurses.  During this appointment your clinician may wish to speak to you about setting up a care plan, which is agreed with you and kept as an up to date document in your own home.  This means that your plan can be shared with any members of the wider clinical team, such as district nurses or paramedics, so that they are aware of anything which may affect their treatment for you.

If you are aged over 75 and we haven't seen you for a while, you will be invited to attend one of our over 60's clinic to discuss your care plan.  This plan will also include a discussion about your end of life wishes and whether or not you would want to be admitted to hospital should you fall ill.  The GP will also want to test your memory.  Some patient's find these discussions upsetting and you can of course invite a friend or ask for a chaperone to attend with you during your appointment.  You can be sure that these conversations are purely a precaution for the future and that your clinician will discuss matters with you in a sensitive and understanding manner.

Named GP

All Patients have a named accountable GP.  You will have been informed who this is but if you want to check this information please speak to Reception.  You can choose to see your named accountable GP or any other GP in the Surgery that you like.  We try and encourage you to see the same GP for continuity sake and our helpful Reception team will be able to help you book your appointment with a GP of your choice where ever possible.

Dementia Friendly Staff

Beversbrook staff members have received Dementia Friend training so that we can understand the limitations of this disease and help our patients more effectively. We have close links with the Alzheimers Society and the Memory Service.  Dementia screening is now a routine part of our elderly assessments and patients can be treated in-house by their own GP.  If you are worried about your memory or that of a loved one you can find more advice and guidance from the Alzheimer's Society Website.

Our Care Co-ordinator

Stacey Gibbs is our Practice Care Co-ordinator, who is seconded to our Surgery from the Community Team.  Stacey is able to co-ordinate any care needs you have including organising transport, helping you get in touch with local groups and clubs, helping you get the care you need if you are being discharged from hospital and organising a home visit from the wider clinical, social and voluntary team.  No matter how small your request, Stacey can most probably help you with her wealth of knowledge of local services.  Stacey works part-time during the week and can be contacted through the Surgery.  To request a call back from Stacey please leave a message with Reception on 01249 821831


You may need one or more vaccines, even if you received vaccines as a child or as a younger adult. Your Practice Nurse will be able to tell you which ones are right for you. Vaccines recommended for older adults can prevent:


Want to learn more about the vaccines you need? Use the Adult Immunization Vaccine Finder to receive personalized vaccine recommendations based on your age, health status, location and other factors.


You can also review the Adult Immunization Schedule  to see which vaccines you may need.


Don’t forget if you are traveling, you may need additional vaccines. See the travelers’ health page.


Talk to your healthcare professional about making sure you have all the vaccines you need to protect your health.