Looking After Your Family

Beversbrook is a family friendly GP Practice, recognising that the health needs of the whole family need to fit around hectic family life.  With a range of clinic times and a family friendly waiting and clinic rooms you can rest assured your loved ones are in good hands here at Beversbrook Medical Centre.

Six Week Check

All new Mum's and their babies will be invited to a six week post natal check up appointment here at the Surgery.  The appointment will be carried out by your family doctor where possible.  The check will include a further newborn physical examination for baby, a general check up with Mum and a chat to see how things are going.  It is a great time to discuss any concerns you have such as your babies development, breastfeeding or dealing with low mood or anxiety.  The twenty minute appointment is held at the end of clinic so there is no need to feel rushed and your GP can spend time getting to know their newest patient.

Childhood Vaccination Schedule

We work in collaboration with Virgin Child Health to deliver the National childhood vaccination schedule.  Virgin will make vaccination appointments for your child during a scheduled clinic to visit the Practice Nurse.  If you are unable to make this appointment please let Virgin Child Health know by calling 01722 429 053.  You can then rearrange your child's appointment with the Surgery direct by speaking to our Reception on 01249 821831

NHS Choices have a handy calendar on their website to help parents to find out out what vaccinations are needed and when.  The calendar can be accessed here

When attending clinic for your child's vaccination please bring your red child health book. 

Breast Feeding Welcome!

Beversbrook Medical Centre are a Breast Feeding Welcome venue.  This means that we fully support brastfeeding Mums who are welcome to feed their babies anywhere in the Surgery.  We recognise the needs of breastfeeding Mums and can supply a glass of water to keep you hydrated whilst you are feeding and may also be able to provide a seperate room if you would prefer privacy - Please speak with our Receptionist who will be able to assist you.  Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to warm up bottles.

To find other Breastfeeding Welcome venues please see here

Safe Place Scheme

Beversbrook Medical Centre is a Safe Place accredited venue.  The aim of the Safe Places project is to establish venues across Wiltshire that provides a safe environment for people who may require some additional support when out and about in the communiuty.  Safe Places are there to be used when people may need extra help for a variety of reasons; for example, during times of anxiety, fear or distress.  This can be from the lost child (or the locked out child who has forgotten their key) to the dementia patient who needs someone to call a friend or neighbour to help them home.  Safe Places encourage people to carry In Case of Emergency cards or Dementia Help cards which the Safe Place can use if needed.  When a person comes to Beversbrook Medical Centre seeking refuge under the Safe Place scheme they will be

  • Listened to
  • Reassured
  • Supported
  • Offered time and a safe place to wait

For more information about the Safe Place scheme and to find venues near you please see Wiltshire Council's website

HANDi Paediatric App

Paediatric support and guidance is now available at the fingertips of Parents of young children in Wiltshire.  When illnesses arise, parents can now turn to their mobile phone for instant paediatric advice on how to best treat their children at home and what symptoms to look out for which may indicate the need for medical attention.  A very handy HANDi App has been developed by the Paediatric team at Musgrove Park Hospital and endorsed by the Royal United Hospital shows parents how best to treat common childhood illnesses such as:

  • Diarrhoea (Gastroenteritis)
  • Chesty Baby (Bronchiolitis)
  • Chesty Child (Wheeze and Asthma)
  • High temperature
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Common newborn problems

The App is also used by healthcare professionals as an aid to standardise treatment pathways and ensure that parents are obtaining consistent professional advice. 


Download the HANDi App on to your smartphone today for FREE:


If you have an Android Device please click here or alternatively search for HANDi Taunton on the Google Play Store


If you have an Apple Device please click here or alternatively search for HANDi Taunton on the Apple App Store.


BMC recognise the challenges for new Dad's and are helping Wiltshire Council promote the Dadpad, a helpful guide to all things 'Dad'. 


For our full article and for more information check out our News section.

Promoting Positive Mental Health

Here at Beversbrook Medical Centre we look after your whole wellbeing, mind and body.  We want to make sure the mental health needs of your whole family are being looked after. 


To help this we work closely with Avon and Wiltshire Partnership and Virgin Child Health to ensure timely access to the right service wherever possible.  Patients who are suffering with low mood may be interested to know about the IAPT service who run clinics at Beversbrook Medical Centre and offer a self referral system.  More information about the opt in service can be found here and you can book your appointment by calling 01380 731335.

Beversbrook Medical Centre is also supporting the mental health of our young adults and we feel very strongly about promoting good attitudes to mental health from a young age helps children to build resilience and deal with all the challenges that young adults have to deal with these days.  Support is also available for parents of young adults, who may be concerned about their health and wellfare.  More information about these services can be found here

If you or a family member feels that they need more clinical support with mental health, please contact our helpful Receptionists on 01249 821831 and ask for an appointment.  There are several pathways which you and your GP may decide to try to alleviate your symptoms including medication and/or a referral to one of the specialist mental health services we work alongside.  Your GP will discuss your options with you and together you will draw up a mental health plan which will help to support you.  Your GP will want to review your progress.

Supporting Carers

The NHS owes a debt of gratitude to unpaid carers.  If you look after a friend, relative, child or partner who has a disability or illness then you ar a carer and may bnefit from registrig on our Carer's Register.  Patients on the register are offered support and advice and are invited to events such as our Carers Support Clinics and Carers Coffee Mornings.  See here for more information on how we support our patients who are unpaid Carers. 

Appointments to Suit Family Life

We know how hectic life can be with a family and we want to support you as best we can.  In response to patient feedback we have introduced Nurse Triage clinics on a Monday and Tuesday morning.  During these mornings any requests for appointments to deal with acute problems such as tonsillitis, tummy bugs, back ache, viral illnesses such as coughs and colds etc will be offered a call back from our Triage Nurses.  The Nurse will endeavour to help you with advice and treatment over the phone or may ask you to come in and see themselves or a GP the same day. 


For those people who find it difficult to attend clinic during our normal working hours we offer an early morning clinic from 7.00 am on Monday mornings and GP telephone consultations on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after 6.30 pm.