Supporting Carers

Beversbrook Medical Centre recognises the vital work unpaid carers do to alleviate pressure on the NHS and enhance the care we can provide to patients.  With this in mind we put great emphasis in supporting our patients who are carers.  A carer is someone who without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without their help.  This could be due to age, physical or mental illness, substance misuse, eating disorder or disability. 

If you are caring for someone or being cared by someone please make your GP or Reception aware of this fact so that we can update your records.  We have patient consent forms which can be completed for patients and their carers to make things like getting blood test results and ordering repeat medication easier. 

Join our Carers Register

If you are a patient at Beversbrook who is also a carer you may benefit from being on our carers register.  As a member of the register you will benefit from a range of additional services to support you such as:


  • A Free Flu Vaccination


  • An invite to our bi-annual carers clinic, with a one to one with the nurse, an appointment with someone from Carers Support and a chance to speak to CAB regarding finance, benefit and legal matters


  • An opportunity to access breaks through Carer Support Wiltshire.  Carers can contact Carers Support Wiltshire directly to discuss this further with one of their Duty Workers (Community Connectors)


In order to get more detailed information on our services for you as a carer please feel free to send an e-mail to our Carers Deputy, Mel Hayward, or speak to one of our helpful receptionists.

Carers Support Wiltshire

Carers Support Wiltshire is an independent charity established to provide support to Carers living in Wiltshire.  Caring can be difficult and frustrating sometimes and Carers need to tell someone about these feelings.  They aim to identify and help as many Carers as possible and employ specialist Carer Support Workers who provide confidential information and advice about caring matters and one to one support.  Their free services include complementary therapies, social activities for some 'me' time, befriending services, counselling, education and much much more.


Patient can self refer to Carers Support or can be referred by their GP Practice.  For more information about how Carers Support Wiltshire can help you see their website.

Going for Gold

In 2013  Beversbrook Medical Centre was presented with a Gold Award as recognition of the support we give to our patients who are carers.  In 2014 we were upgraded to Gold Plus, which was a new category sponsored by Carers Support Wiltshire in support of practices who offer an outstanding carers support service.  This year we hope to retain our Gold Plus status and would encourage feedback from our patients as to how you think we can improve in meeting the needs of our Carers.


As well as a dedicated notice board for carer information, which is regularly updated, bi-annual carers clinics and referrals available to Carers Support Wiltshire, we also make sure that all our staff are carer aware trained every year to ensure that our whole practice is equipped with knowledge and expertise on how best to support and work with carers. 


We listen to our patients views and are always willing to consider any ideas you may have to imporove our service.  Our Carers Support Deputy, Mel Hayward, would be very interested to hear your suggestions on how we can better support our patients who are carers. 


Please e-mail Mel or ask to speak to her next time you are in the Surgery.