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Welcome to Beversbrook News. This is where we will provide you with a selection of interesting news about the medical world and goings on in our practice.  See our Facebook Page for more up to the minute news!

Patford House Partnership

After a successful application to Wiltshire CCG, Beversbrook Medical Centre and Patford House Surgery (including their Branch – Sutton Benger Surgery) will be merging on 1st April 2019.  The Partners and staff of the surgeries are excited about the merge and optimistic about the possibilities this will bring to improve our services and level of care for our patients. 


Why merge?


Both Patford House Partnership (PHP) and Beversbrook Medical Centre (BMC) have GP Partnership vacancies which have been open for some time.  It has been difficult to recruit new GPs in the current climate, leaving both PHP and BMC with vulnerable Partnership models.  Small partnerships carry much more responsibility – for instance if something happens to one out of two partners, the practice becomes incredibly vulnerable.  Larger partnerships are able to share the responsibility more fairly, spreading the risk.  By merging, we are able to strengthen our Partnership to a more resilient number and hopefully attract more GPs to join us.


Will you be moving in together into one building?


Patients will not be expected to move Surgeries as we will retain the three separate buildings, which will continue to serve their patient populations as they are presently.  Patford House Surgery has been looking to move to a new building for some time – the current building in Patford Street, which is listed, is lovely but really isn’t suitable anymore, so we still plan to move to a building which is fit for purpose.  Our Sutton Benger practice will remain where it is, as will Beversbrook Medical Centre. 


Will we change our name?


Each of our Surgeries has a deep heritage and culture behind their Surgery names, this is important to us and we are proud to be serving the residents of Calne.  We feel that each Surgery offers the best service they possibly can to their patients.  We hope our patients won’t see any change to the usual day to day care we each provide and this includes the name of their Surgery.  Each Surgery will continue as it is – as Beversbrook Medical Centre, Patford House Surgery and Sutton Benger Surgery.  Sadly, we can’t stay in our Patford House building and would like to give our new building a new name when the time comes, but we really want to retain our Calne heritage, so we are going to call our new partnership Patford House Partnership.


How will the proposed merger benefit patients of each practice?


We hope that by merging we will be able to offer our patients an improved service across all three Practices.  We feel that a merged practice will be better able to cope with the increasing population in Calne and the surrounding areas.  In addition, the CCG is working with GP practices all over Wiltshire to establish primary care networks.  We believe this will enable practices to work together more seamlessly on behalf of the population in towns (or across populations of a certain size) which will make it much easier to share services and resources, staff and systems etc. and will help each individual practice to be more resilient.  Money for primary care services will be provided to towns, not individual practices.  Of course, this new model of working will need stable GP services to support it, and we believe that merging Patford House and Beversbrook Medical Centre will provide stability for people in Calne and the surrounding villages


How can I find out more information?


We would love to hear your comments and questions.  Please contact us through


Beversduck Takes to Water

We are very proud to say that Beversbrook Medical Centre entered a duck in the Calne Lions Annual Duck Race.  Dr Duck took part in the third Business Duck Race and did very well...despite coming last a true medic he hung around the back helping all the other ducks get to the finish line safely before finally making his own way across. 

Calne Carers Christmas Party

Carers and their families are are invited to join us for a very special Christmas celebration!  We are joining forces with Patford House and Northlands Surgery to host the Calne Carers Christmas Party on the 20th December at 2.00 pm in Calne Town Hall.  We hope to see you there.  More information can be found below

Calling all first time and new Dads!

The DadPad is a brand new online resource for all first-time dads in Wiltshire.

Babies don’t come with a set of instructions, so if you're a new dad who would like more information on how to care for your baby and what to expect as a first-time dad, download the DadPad. This essential guide provides tips on everything from caring for a crying baby and how babies like to be held, to how you can support your partner with breastfeeding and how to survive with little sleep.

RCGP & BMA Campaigns

Beversbrook Medical Centre are supporting the RCGP and the BMA campaigns to promote better investment into Primary Care.  Both are calling on patients for their support.


The Royal College of General Practitioners - Put patients first: Back general practice campaign is demanding that the governments of the UK increase funding for general practice from an historic low of 8.39% to 11% of the UK NHS budget by 2017. Read more about the crisis facing general practice, and the Put patients first: Back general practice campaign here. You can also read about our campaign successes here.


The British Medical Association campaign Your GP cares is calling for long-term, sustainable investment in GP services for today and tomorrow. This will help provide the care that patients need and deserve in an increasingly challenging environment. 


Both campaigns will only be as successful as the support that they recieve. So if you want to show your support please visit the links above to do so.

Skydiving Secretary!


Rebecca Dean, our Practice Secretary, decided to celebrate her 24th birthday by...jumping out of an aeroplane at 10,000 feet!  Rebecca carried out her plans on the 15th March, pictured here, in aid of Dorothy House Hospice and has so far raised £375.  You can still support Rebecca's efforts by donating to her just giving page


Record Breaking Beversbrook Nurse


Following on from her successful run last year, once again our Lead Nurse, Emma Satchell, is taking to the streets of London on the 13th April for the London Marathon - this time to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Care.  Emma is hoping to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest female dressed as a nurse.  The record is currently held by Emma Blair, who ran the marathon last year in three hours and forty eight minutes.  We have very high hopes for our Emma (Satchell) smashing this record as she ran the marathon last year in three hours and twenty eight minutes!  Emma will be wearing her nurses fancy dress uniform during her training around the streets of Calne and has had an article written about her efforts in the Gazette and Herald recently.  If you wish to support Emma and give to this worthwhile cause you can donate to here or see her main display and collection buckets in the Surgery waiting room.  We all wish Emma Good Luck and will be routing for her on the day!

RIP Dr Averil Sandford-Hill

An Article published in the Town Cryer by Emmy Butcher, Practice Manager -



You may have heard of the sad news that in February the Practice suffered the sudden and unexpected death of our Senior Partner, Dr Averil Sandford-Hill. The shock of losing such a talented, well loved and respected doctor was coupled with the fact that she had been to most of us here at Beversbrook a dear friend and confidant.


The outpouring of grief and sadness from patients, colleagues and the clinical profession as a whole was overwhelming. Flowers, cards and words of kindness filled our Reception area and helped to ease the terrible sense of loss and disbelief that we all felt. The condolence book in Reception was soon filled with comments of how Dr Sandford-Hill had been such a wonderful doctor and had made a difference in the lives of so many. Some of course also told of her amazing personality, unique humour and good nature.


Sitting there at Dr Sandford-Hill's funeral and listening to her eulogy it suddenly occurred to me that you can work alongside someone for years and not realise how well you know them. Dr Sandford-Hill always chatted happily and freely about her family and home life. Often a passing 'how was your weekend' would result in a merry conversation where she drew you into a story involving one of her passions; her family, her animals or her home. I took this for granted I suppose, having worked with her for seven years I never really fully appreciated how genuine and honest she was as a person and how much I would miss passing the time of day with her amusing stories, bumping into her as she rushed up the stairs to steal away some biscuits (as I was on my way to do the same) or hearing the clunk click of her door as she happily breezed in and out of her clinic.


We all miss her here at Beversbrook terribly and the emotional repercussion and sense of loss will naturally be felt deeply by those who worked alongside her for years to come I am sure. I am blessed with amazing colleagues who have remained professional and calm under extreme circumstances. Business has managed to continue as usual because of this small team of eighteen wonderful individuals who have acted as tremendous support to each other as well as to patients and visitors who have also been affected. Dr McLellan and Dr Church in particular have been cornerstones of strength for us all. As has Dr Bishop, who stepped in out of retirement, without hesitation, to cover clinics alongside our other locums. Equally, we appreciate the kind help and assistance from our neighbouring Practices and Primary Care colleagues. It's amazing how everyone comes together in a time of crisis and it's been very touching and such a great support.


I have so many funny and happy memories of Dr Sandford-Hill, because she made me smile so often. She teased me that she had affectionately named her new puppy dog after me because she said it was blonde and liked its food. She would send text messages to cheer me up if she sensed I was having a stressful day or send me a funny e-mail. She was a nightmare to get to go to meetings and do all the boring duties that go alongside being Senior Partner in a GP Practice, because she was always squeezing in extra patients at the end of her clinic and once she was there she would explain that she would have to leave early to get home to the children or her animals. At the time, of course, I would be exasperated but in hindsight I realise that she had the perfect balance.


Her ability to care for others, her depth of compassion and her sheer honesty and unpretentious nature was what I loved the most about Averil. This is what made her such a popular doctor, such a terrific colleague and friend and is why she will be missed so terribly and remembered so fondly by so many.


Emmy Butcher, Practice Manager, Beversbrook Medical Centre

New Computer System for Beversbrook

We are pleased to announce that Beversbrook Medical Centre has over the past few months successfully moved to a new computer system.  Having previously been using a system called Emis, the Practice Migrated to the new system, TPP SystmOne, in November 2012.  A lot of hard work went on behind the scenes to ensure that this happened as smoothly as possible with minimum impact on patient care and services. The Practice would like to thank all our patients and visitors who were very understanding when things seemed a little slower whilst staff got to grips with the new system.  Training on the system is still on-going and we hope to use the system to offer a better and more efficient service in the future.  More information on how the new system will affect our patients can be found here.

Old News! - Some interesting articles from last year

Dr McLellan Raising Funds for Cystic Fibrosis


Between 18th May and 24th May our Patients may notice an absent Doctor from our Surgery as Dr McLellan along with members of the Bathelona Football Team are taking part in a sponsored cycle ride from Bath to Bergerac.  The journey,  a mere 800k, is to help raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.  We wish Dr McLellan and the team every success and a safe journey!  To find out more including how to sponsor the team see below or speak to Reception in the Surgery.


b2b800_flyer_[1] (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [370.7 KB]

Supporting the Alzheimer's Society


The Alzheimer's Society have recently launched a landmark report for 2012 exploring how people are coping with living with dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has issued a national challenge for Alzheimers promising to give a boost to dementia research, address quality of dementia care and increase the public understanding of dementia.  In addition he pledges to encourage more dementia friendly communities.  Read more about the Prime Ministers challenge and the 2012 Report at


In a bid to support the hard work and dedication shown by the Alzheimer's Society, our Lead Practice Nurse, Emma Satchell, recently ran the London Marathon to raise funds in their name.  Emma thanks all the friends, patients and colleagues who sponsored her and reports that she has so far raised £400.  Emma finished the marathon in 3 hours 28 minutes - a personal best!