Beversbrook Medical Centre serves the area of Calne in Wiltshire and the immediately surrounding villages. 


Set on the outskirts of the town, the Surgery is within easy reach of the new-build Landsdown Park area and Beversbrook Sports Centre.  Schools of St Mary's, St Margarets and Fynamore are within walking distance.  The Practice is accessible from the Calne bypass or from the Town Centre, via North Street.

Our Practice Area

Please note that we can only register patients who live within our contracted practice boundary.  The PDF map below shows this boundary in more detail.  If you are uncertain please e-mail the Practice for further clarification.

Boundary for Beversbrook Medical Centre
This document provides a map outlining our contracted boundary area (in green) and our outer boundary area (in purple). New patients must be living within the green area to register.
Adobe Acrobat document [1.6 MB]

You will note that the map shows a second outer boundary area (in purple) also.  This area is for existing patients who move from the contractual boundary area into the outer boundary.  We can only register new patients from the inner contractual boundary (in green).

Register as a New Patient

We welcome new patients and if you would like to register with Beversbrook Medical Centre, please see our Registration section or alternatively visit our Reception desk in the Practice.  We will be more than happy to assist you with the registration process.

I live outside of the Practice Boundary, why can't I register?

Our boundary is defined by our contract with the NHS and provides us with the opportunity to work closely with the Calne, Corsham and Box Neighbourhood Team, for the benefit of our patients.  At Beversbrook we pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of patient care.  We are not able to register new patients who live beyond of our contractual boundary because we feel that working outside of our locality prevents us from being able to provide the best possible care to all our patients without restrictions. 

I am moving, can I stay with the Practice?

If you are an existing patient who is moving within our contractual boundary (the green line on the above map) you do not have to worry about re-registering with a more local Practice.  Please let us know your new address details here


We understand that changing GP surgeries can be daunting and sometimes a real hassle.  The last thing you need when moving home!  For the convenience of our existing patients, we have therefore introduced a second 'outer boundary', shown in the above boundary map as a purple line.  If you move into the 'outer boundary area' you need do nothing more than update your contact details here


If you are moving outside of the purple 'outer boundary' then it is likely that you will have to re-register with a more local GP Practice.  You do not need to let us know you have registered elsewhere because we will be informed by your new Practice.


We strongly advise patients to update their contact details when they move home.  If the GP needs to contact you urgently or arrange a home visit, having up to date contact details will ensure that there are no delays.